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The Landsman Research Lab
for Pancreas Biology and Diabetes
Tel Aviv University

Our lab studies how the function of insulin-producing beta-cells is maintained in health, and why it is lost in diabetes.


To facilitate a therapy to diabetes, we study beta-cell development before and after birth.


To better understand these processes, we focus on the role of the pancreas microenvironment.


Beta-cell development

Cell replacement therapy for diabetes requires a better understanding of the natural development of insulin-secreting beta-cells. To facilitate the generation of fully functional beta-cells, we focus on the role of the pancreatic microenvironment in beta-cell differentiation, proliferation, and functional maturation.

Beta-cell function and diabetes

Diabetes is associated with beta-cell dysfunction through a largely unknown mechanism.

To better understand this phenomenon, we identify microenvironmental cues that maintain insulin secretion in health and research how they change during disease progression.

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Latest Publications

The postnatal pancreatic microenvironment guides beta-cell maturation through BMP4 production

Sakhneny L, Mueller L, Schonblum A,Azaria S, Burganova G, Epshtein A, Isaacson A, Wilson H, Spagnoli FM, and Landsman L

 Developmental Cell (2021) Oct 11;56(19):2703-2711.e5

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